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Mission / Vision Statement

"Helping young writers realize their dreams
to become authors  - today!"



     Yes, it's really that simple.  The Mission and Vision of K4K Books, LLC are the same - it makes planning our future much easier.  We exist to help young (18 or younger) writers become published authors.  We believe in the classic definition of publishing - the author should NEVER pay any money for the printing, distribution, or editing of the work.  As the publisher, we take on the expense and therefore the risk involved in producing the work for sale.  While our goal is to encourage, promote, and ultimately publish books by young writers, unfortunately we can not publish every book submitted.  As a publisher we will only publish books which meet our values and quality standards.  In other words, we will publish works we feel are worthy of publication, by young writers, written for young readers.


Press Release

K4K Books, LLC Press Release

K4K Books, LLC has a simple mission statement: "Helping young writers realize their dreams to become authors - today!"

For us, this means only publishing books written “by kids for kids.”  All of our authors will be 18 years old or younger (at the time of submission) and all books are to be written for the same age range.  We encourage young writers to develop and continue their passion for writing and storytelling, and hopefully become authors.  While there are “feeder” systems for many professions, there is a void for youth who want to become writers. 

We fully believe that the best talents shine forth early, and the best coaches, parents, librarians, and teachers can identify those talents long before adulthood.  Just as with athletics, children who love to write need an avenue for practicing, perfecting, and realizing their potential.  We want to help those who find that they can’t stop writing – for whom writing is a calling.  Since our goal is to help young writers realize their dreams, we encourage them to get assistance.  We hope young writers – the potential authors of tomorrow – can have as strong a support group as any young athlete. 

We encourage teachers, parents, and librarians to challenge their young wards to write.  Submissions can come from an individual, a group, or as a class project.  Submissions can also be generated through a local competition or as an extracurricular activity.  Books with co-authors are acceptable as long as each author is 18 or younger.  Literature and the arts are essential to ensuring our country and our world grows and improves – they are critical ingredients to a prosperous, strong future for all.  We want to help support the growth of young writers. 

K4K Books, LLC is excited to work with the bestselling authors of tomorrow. 




 Our Mission        Submission Guidelines        Our Books        Our Authors        Get Involved        Contact Us