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Submission Guidelines






Remember, we only publish books by “kids” for “kids.”  This means you have to be 19 years old or younger to submit a manuscript to us.  Unless you are 18 or older, you will need parental support and involvement.  We require that you have an adult sponsor - this can be a friend, relative (parents are great), or a teacher.  Think of your sponsor like your agent.

It is important that you are submitting an original work. That doesn’t mean you can’t receive assistance.  We encourage you to work with others – have your friends and family read your story.  Be open to criticism and suggestions.  Your English teacher should be a great resource, as well as your local public librarian.  One warning – when accepting critiques about your story, remember that you are writing for youth and adults don’t always see things the same as your intended audience.  Definitely get feedback from the age group you are writing for.  We want books, novels for youth, written by youth.

     There are four distinct steps to submitting a manuscript to K4K Books, LLC for consideration. 

     1. Initial Submission Form

     Part of the uniqueness of K4K books, LLC is our willingness to embrace the technologies which our youth have known since birth.  To simplify the process and accelerate the speed with which we can respond, we have created an online form for you to fill out.  You will need your sponsor's contact information and information about your proposed work (your book).  After you complete the submission form, an editor will work with you to use your answers to create your Query Letter.  Since we are going to start investing in your book (we will assign an editor and he/she will work with you on the Query Letter), you will be offered a Publication Agreement before we move forward.

     2. Query Letter

     Once you've completed the submission form, you will work with an editor to craft a Query Letter.  In the publishing industry, this step is the first and most frustrating you'll encounter.  You will send Query Letters to publishers (or agents) and unless they are interested (rare occurrence) you won't hear back.  Most publishers don't waste time sending rejections.  At K4K Books our goals are to help you learn.  So, your Query Letter won't be rejected although it may very likely be sent back for more work.  It's up to you and your editor to keep working it until it is accepted.

     Note:  We will only accept one query per author at a time.

     3. First 3 Chapters

     When your Query Letter is accepted you'll deliver on the first three chapters.  Other publishers will not offer you a contract until they've seen this much of your work.  The idea is while you've sold them on the idea of your book (the Query Letter), they want to make sure you have the ability and talent to write the book.  They will review these first three chapters to decide if they want to offer you a contract.

      Remember, we've already entered into a contract with you by this time, but we still want you to learn how the process will work in the publishing industry.  So you will work with your editor to finalize the first three chapters of your book.  If you've already written them, don't worry, that just puts you ahead in the process.  But, if you haven’t already written at least the first three chapters (and rewritten them two or three times, received feedback from friends, family, or a teacher) they're not ready.  Your first three chapters should not only be written – you should feel they are near perfect. 

     You will send the first 3 chapters as either a PDF or text file.  This is to protect us from viruses or other malicious files.  Most of the word processing software on your computer can save files as PDFs or definitely as a text file. 

     4. Full Manuscript and Publication

     This is marks the end of the submission process...but it's also the largest effort.  You'll need to write the full book, meeting the requirements for size, style, and content.  Your editor will work with you throughout.  Trust us, we know how hard it is to finish a book.  You'll have to stay focused and persevere.  You will be given a schedule for delivering chapters and be expected to meet those deadlines.  Once the manuscript is complete the editing and rewriting process begins. 

     While you work with your editor on perfecting your book, K4K Books will be at work designing the book for publication, including cover design, and marketing. The submission is over and the publication process begins! 



  We will not ask you for any money – ever. 

Our mission is to encourage young writers to realize their dreams to become authors - Today. 



Our Mission        Submission Guidelines        Our Books        Our Authors        Get Involved        Contact Us